У дома Новини The total installed capacity is 17GW!Australia’s“renewable energy zone”attracts $29.4 billion in potential investment

The total installed capacity is 17GW!Australia’s“renewable energy zone”attracts $29.4 billion in potential investment

  • Sep 05, 2022

Currently the renewable energy investors have submitted bids for more than 40 clean energy projects.The total installed capacity is 17 GW, to build a “renewable energy zone”in New South Wales,Australia. Foreign media reported.

The state Government of New South Wales, announced that they plans to build “ Illawarra Renewable Energy Zone ”in the south of Sydney,which have already attracted potential investment of AUD 43 billion (US $29.4 billion) in response to the bid of developing large-scale energy projects.

The treasure and energy Minister of the Australian state of New South Wales,Matt Kean said the state have secured commercial interests to develop 44 energy projects,which include wind,photovoltaic, energy storage,pumped storage and green hydrogen production,the total installed capacity is about 17GW.

Kean said,”bidders are very active to the tender, and they are especially interested in the investment of wind power on the sea,energy storage technology and green hydrogen. Illawarra Renewable Energy Zone will be helpful to provide cheap and reliable energy, to provide energy for the existing industry development,support new ones to thrive and it will create thousands of jobs in the future.

These tenders included 5 large-scale photovoltaic projects,16 energy storage projects and 4 pumped storage projects. Investors also suggested two onshore wind power projects and eight offshore wind power facilities,with 3 new“load projects”,which include green steel production facilities.

"The various large energy projects being developed in the region  will insure Illawarra Renewable Energy Zone plays an important role. ”Kean said.

      Illawarra Renewable Energy Zone is one of the five renewable energy zone in New South Wales Government Electricity road map.The state aims to support more than AUD 32 billion private investment in renewable energy generation,storage and transmission.

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