У дома Новини Iran set up new standards to accelerate renewable energy developing steps

Iran set up new standards to accelerate renewable energy developing steps

  • Jul 26, 2022

 In order to accelerate the development of renewable energy and clean power industry, and make full use of existing power generation facilities to solve the problems caused by insufficient supply during peak demand periods,Iranian Ministry of Energy recently announced rules and standards for renewable energy generation facilities built by renewable energy and energy efficiency organization (SATBA),power generation manager, and transmission and distribution management cooperation (Tavanir). It was reported by foreign media.

According to this standard,SATBA is responsible for awarding construction permits to the appliers who purpose to offer all or part of the electricity required through building renewable and clean energy generation facilities.

Under this announcement,the cooperation between SATBA and Tavanir company will proceed by the triple agreement between the two companies and the appliers who build the generation facilities. Also,the contract is set up according to the agreement. Meanwhile,SATBA is delegated to supervise the execution and writing of this approval, and the communication for the approval procedure and method.

It is referred in the announcement that the Tavanir company has the responsibility to review the grid-connection and start-up scheme in one week. And at the same time of approving and proposing corrective actions,take necessary efforts to gain SATBA construction permits for renewable energy generation facilities.

  In the announcement, Tavanir company is responsible for making all necessary arrangements for electricity transmission to customers and convenient delivery based on the generating capacity of the power plant.

On this basis,developers can build renewable electricity generation facilities to provide part of the electric needed, and receive the renewable energy source from these power generation facilities.

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